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Harlan Jacobsen, PublisherWe are the Jacobsen Family, we have been publishing small monthly specialized publications for 28 years. Print publications around the country have been in declining circulation for several years, including ours. Since some have been losing money and all are near there, we have considered discontinuing the print medium since your publisher is well past retirement age.

We have an unusual background in publishing that others have not had, so we have decided to transfer much of our efforts and expertise to the web. We will leave it to you to decide whether we are on the right track. We have gone to a lot of effort and expense to make your use of the web bigger and better with less clicks and effort to obtain what you want.

Your feedback, comments and suggestions are solicited and we will respond when requested. Publishing is a thankless task and any response, good or bad is helpful, because then we at least know someone is using it. We have offices both in South Dakota and in Arizona.

Your address is always kept in the strictest confidence. We never hand out our reader's address to anyone for any reason.

Arizona Office - Editor
Janet Jacobsen
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Arizona Office - Publisher
Harlan Jacobsen
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Scottsdale, AZ.  85271
Phone Number: 480-945-6746
Fax Number: 480 945-6746
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Circulation - Hard Copy and Webmaster
Jeff Jacobsen
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Scottsdale, AZ.  85271
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Harlan L. Jacobsen - Publisher
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US Farm News is a totally automated ag site that updates 8 different classifications of Farm and Ranch Headline every 8 minutes. You may select what up to the minute category you desire, such as markets.


Drought Outlook is an off shoot of the extensive coverage US Farm Network did in 2000 on the la nina drought. That drought has now moved to the pacific northwest but may be back. Weekly updated maps tell you what is dry and where it is headed. Includes interesting drought information and photos.

Live Stock Farmer is a collection of news of interest to farmers raising hogs, cattle and sheep.


Weatherlook pages are to give you not only a look at the latest weather data (updated every 8 minutes) and forecasts, it also has several weather webcam links to actually see the weather right now.

Click State Weatherlook Desired
AL | AK | AR | AZ | CA | CO | CT | DE | FL | GA | HI | ID | IA | IL | IN | KS | KY | LA | ME | MA | MD | MI | MN | MO | MS | MT | NC | ND | NE | NH | NJ | NM | NV | NY | OH | OK | OR | PA | RI | SC | SD | TN | TX | UT | VA | VT | WA | WV | WI | WY

Webcam Big Look is a webcam directory for finding web cams in every state. Only at "Big Look" do you see all webcam views as full screen. Take a live look.

Click State Webcambiglook desired
AL | AK | AR | AZ | CA | CO | CT | DE | FL | GA | HI | ID | IA | IL | IN | KS | KY | LA | ME | MA | MD | MI | MN | MO | MS | MT | NC | ND | NE | NH | NJ | NM | NV | NY | OH | OK | OR | PA | RI | SC | SD | TN | TX | UT | VA | VT | WA | WV | WI | WY

US Road Conditions, is to not only connect you with the latest maps and information with looks at problem areas, traffic and weather cams this also gives you live looks at traffic and conditions.

Click State Road Desired:
AL | AK | AR | AZ | CA | CO | CT | DE | FL | GA | HI | ID | IA | IL | IN | KS | KY | LA | ME | MA | MD | MI | MN | MO | MS | MT | NC | ND | NE | NH | NJ | NM | NV | NY | OH | OK | OR | PA | RI | SC | SD | TN | TX | UT | VA | VT | WA | WV | WI | WY

Traffic Cams
AZ Trafficams  | CA Traffic Cams | CT Trafficams | GA Trafficams | HI Trafficams |  NC Traffic Cams  |  NE Traffic Cams  |  TX Traffic Cams  | VA Trafficams | WA Trafficams

Web Cam
Full Screen Web Cams Cruise By - Click On Cruiser

Alaska Weather | Colorado Cam   | Seattle Traffic | University Cam | US Cam - East | US Cam - West | Washington Cam | Weather Cam | Weather Data Cam | World Cam Mapathon: Instant click on and print out state and city maps. Custom made direction here to there maps made free. Find Fast- Every good useful map available on the web for your state and city.

Click State Map Desired
AL | AK | AR | AZ | CA | CO | CT | DE | FL | GA | HI | ID | IA | IL | IN | KS | KY | LA | ME | MA | MD | MI | MN | MO | MS | MT | NC | ND | NE | NH | NJ | NM | NV | NY | OH | OK | OR | PA | RI | SC | SD | TN | TX | UT | VA | VT | WA | WV | WI | WY

Ski Reports and Live Views of Snow Conditions Other States Ski Report And Live Look At Snow Conditions Click On A State

Click State Ski Report Desired
AK | AZ | CA | CO | CT  | GA | ID | IA | IL | IN | ME | MA | MD | MI | MN | MO | MT | NC | ND | NH | NJ | NM | NV | NY | OH | OR | PA | RI | SD | TN | UT | VA | VT | WA | WV | WI | WY

Live views from cyber cafe public computer users section of Video Mania store 3 on 41st street in Sioux Falls SD. High speed internet connected computers are available for use by the public for $2.00 per hour. Information here on location, hours and computers available for your use.

Sioux Falls DVD Our Video Mania 3 stores web site with seven live video cams views from the 3 stores. Information on rentals and store locations maps etc. Live Link to Web cam at the Falls in Sioux Falls

With maps and directions, descriptions of each casino, casino web links and casino hotel information.
AZ Casinos
 || IA Casinos   || 
MN Casinos   ||  MO Casinos   ||  SD Casinos   ||  WI Casinos

State information including photos, webcam views, maps, 
weather, travel updates and attractions
Choose a state site for information:
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